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Our Mission

Otologics, LLC is a medical device company dedicated to the development of advanced amplification products to enhance communication and improve the quality of life of individuals with hearing loss. We are committed to combining science with logic, and balancing technological advancements with the practical needs of the hearing-impaired. Otologics’ headquarters are located in Boulder, Colorado, USA, with offices and a distribution network throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.


1970 – John M. Fredrickson, surgeon and investigator at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, began his research in the concept of improving hearing by coupling a vibrator to the ossicular chain.
1985 – Dr. Fredrickson, in conjunction with the Washington University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology, formally launched an implantable hearing research project, with a vision of creating an implantable hearing system that would offer advantages over conventional hearing aids to individuals suffering from hearing loss.
1996 – Otologics LLC was founded in Boulder, Colorado, USA, with a commitment to helping turn Dr. Fredrickson’s vision into a reality. Otologic’s founder and current CEO, José Bedoya, MBA, has worked in the medical device industry for over two decades, and holds expertise in senior management in Manufacturing, Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Engineering, and Business Development.
1999 – Otologics achieves its first milestone with the launch of MET, the Semi Implantable Hearing System.
2006 – 2007 – Otologics launches the first two generations of the Fully Implantable Hearing System, Carina, in Europe. It is the only hearing system on the market which offers a rechargeable battery and a microphone that is fully implanted under the skin.
2008 – Otologics launches the product’s third generation, Carina+, offering several advantages over the first two generations, including improved electronics for faster charging time and better contact with external accessories to improve the hearing system’s overall performance.
2010 – Otologics launches the product’s fourth generation, Carina G/4, with four new features designed for optimal performance, including a smaller capsule, a smaller microphone, a new T2 transducer, and a Turbo Button compatibility function, which offers users increased performance capability.