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MET, the Semi Implantable Hearing System

MET, a semi implantable hearing system, consists of an internal and external component. The internal component is implanted under the skin, and the external component includes a button with a microphone and a battery unit. The MET semi implantable hearing system captures sound through the external microphone and sends it to the implanted capsule, where it is converted into signals that produce a vibration in the ossicular chain through the use of a transducer, generating a high-quality, natural sound. The MET semi implantable hearing system is a viable treatment option for sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss.

Advantages of MET

The MET semi implantable hearing system is characterized by its acoustic performance and its high quality of sound. MET users report several advantages over conventional hearing aids, including the following:

  • Improved sound quality
  • No feedback or “whistling”
  • Clearer speech sound for better understanding
  • More tolerance of loud sounds
  • Open ear canal for increased comfortability

How and Where Is the MET Semi Implantable Hearing System Implanted?

Once your doctor has determined that the MET semi implantable hearing system is right for you, it will be implanted through an operation under general anesthesia. The auditory ossicles remain completely intact during the operation. After approximately eight weeks, the implant will be activated by an audiologist or hearing aid acoustician. The MET semi implantable hearing system is currently being implanted in numerous clinics across Europe, Latin America and Asia. Select your clinic.

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