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Traveling with Carina

I am retired and travel a lot for personal reasons. Will I still be able to travel regularly if I am implanted with Carina? Thank you.

Answer from the support team:

There are no major inconveniences when traveling with an implanted Carina. It is necessary to avoid magnetically controlled security systems, such as those found at airports, football stadiums or passenger ships. You will receive your personal implant ID card following the surgery, and you simply show it to the inspector in order to be allowed to bypass the magnetic system. When traveling to a country with a different electrical supply, you may need to purchase an adapter for the Charging System.

Carina for my 15 year old daughter?

My daughter is 15 years old – can she wear this implant?

Answer from the support team:

Carina is approved to be implanted in patients 14 years old and above. Your daughter’s age should be no constraint for implantation.

Going to the sauna

I go to the sauna regularly in my free time. Will this be a problem if I receive the Carina implant?

Answer from the support team:

You can wear Carina in a sauna without any problems. One of the advantages of Carina is that it provides you with a high quality of hearing in conditions with moisture and dust. You may also use the sauna if you are implanted with a MET, but it is not recommended to wear the Button Audio Processor inside the sauna.

Implant adjustment

Are there different programs in the Carina system, and how can they be adapted to my needs? Thank you!

Answer from the support team:

The Carina G/4 has multiple programs which can be adjusted to your individual needs with our Otofit software, which uses an induction coil to connect with the implant. The system enables you to increase or decrease the volume as well as turn it on and off.